5 Tips to Write Awesome Assignments

One of the hardest things to be in university, is keeping up with all the assignments. No matter what program you are doing, you will have number of assignments to hand him each semester. That’s a lot of work to write, here are some tips on improving your writing skills.

A good way to do this is to make a plan! Different types of assignments need different structures. So, be aware how these work. The learning development black board site has information on different structures of different assignments. Once you have your plan, you can start thinking of what information you already have and what you need to find out.

So, it’s time to start writing. Your goal is to show the marker what you know. There are three main ways to do this. The first is to use clear and concise language, to elaborate what exactly you mean. Avoid things like using function on your computer to find a long word where a shorter clear word will do.

The squeeze principle is a good thing to remember now. Keep it short and squeeze the sentence of your assignment and each sentence should have one main idea in it. More than one idea at a time and you are likely to be confused, and confusing sentences won’t help you get your ideas ac crossed.

This will be a good time on your assignment writing help, how you are going with your plans. You’ve used your valuable time to find the information you are using in your assignment. So you need to show your tutor how you found and used it.

This is referencing! One of the most important part of your assignment. You are nearly done. Keep you assignment for spelling and grammatical errors, and make sure you have used the right font and line spacing according to the rules of course. You might submit your assignment in hard copy, electronically or both.

In any case, someone is going to read it, mark it and give you feedback on what you have submitted. There is no reason to make it harder for them.

OK, Last thing. Just about every written assignment. University uses software programs to compare to lots of other information available on the internet. It will create matches for the group of the words you have used. If you have quoted and your references will prove that you have used them in a right way. If you haven’t quoted, have a look on the matches. Have you accidentally plagiarized.

In a nutshell, write a great assignment by being clear on the type of task required and the response on it.

Workout on a time frame to write an assignment
Developing a plan to the assignment
Gathering the information to complete it
Working on a clear and concise writing style
Getting help from your tutor in a timely way
Paying attention to referencing and quoting
Using tools to improve your writing

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